CRUX is the name of our student ministry at Christ the King Church. While it means cross, its meaning goes much deeper. At the center of who we are stands the Cross of Christ. In our lives, we come to those points, those intersections that we see as change points. That is a CRUX - the point of change, decision... no turning back. When we encounter Jesus, when we follow Him, we come to the CRUX point of our lives... the point where Jesus encounters us! Our goal is to show students Jesus, for them to see where Jesus intersects with their lives and their community of believers, to devleop in them that turning point where they seek to follow Jesus, learn from Him, and then go out and do what He did, not just as an adoescent but throughout their entire lives.

Crux Student Ministry is for Middle and High School students in grades 6-12. Through weekly events and gatherings, Bible studies, discipleship training, retreats, camps, mission trips, service projects, concerts, and more, Crux seeks to equip students for God-glorifying lives that will bring real change to their community.

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Every 1st Sunday join your friends for SHABANG!  What's a SHABANG? It's a great big 'ol party!  Lots of music, lots of games, lots of food, lots of friends, lots of fun... and of course Jesus!  So bring all your friends and come on over to CtK to a night of fun!  6-8pm every 1st Sunday of the month!

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday join friends your age in small group.  Even Jesus was in a small group!  This is a time to connect with your leaders and friends on topics important to you.  Each small group meets in a different location from 6-8pm. Be sure to stop by the youth area in the foyer on Sunday, or contact Pastor Bill at to be sure you know where your group is meeting.

Every 3rd Sunday is Crux night.  This is a night when all students come together as a whole for worship, fun, fellowship, snacks and more.  There will be time to be with your small group as well.  Weather permitting, we meet by the firepit by the pond for s'mores.  Crux night meets each 3rd Sunday from 6-8pm.  Bring your friends and we'll see you there!

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