Racial Reconciliation Resources

The following are some links and resources to better understand the issues around racial injustice in our nation and how we can learn and respond as Christians.

Our Beliefs on Racial Reconciliation

As church staff and church council, we want to share our hearts, vision, and commitment specifically related to racial justice: 

We recognize that racial justice and social justice are discipleship issues and are rooted in the very heart of the Gospel. We know that Christ stood with the oppressed and the marginalized, and we know that it is critical for us as a church body to stand for what is just. We know that Christ died for all, reconciling us to God, and that His church is to be multi-ethnic, a fellowship of people reconciled with one another. We are to be the hands and feet of Christ, and we believe that being a missional church, particularly in this time, means lamenting, repenting, and reconciling. 

We lament the centuries of oppression that the Black community has endured in the United States. We condemn systemic racism and the current inequalities and injustices that continue to exist in our churches, systems, nation, and world. Because we follow in the example of Christ, we refuse to be silent in the face of oppression. We reject complicity in upholding unjust systems, and we affirm the inherent dignity & humanity of all people. In the midst of this historical movement, it is prudent for us to state as a church body that Black lives matter. We recognize that we cannot fully love our neighbors as ourselves if we do not mourn when our neighbors mourn and act intentionally to protect our neighbors when they are in pain and in danger. 

We recognize that reform will not happen organically, that racial diversity within our church will not happen organically, and that true reconciliation will not happen organically. Rather, reform, diversity, and reconciliation require intentional effort. We believe that the Gospel is the hope of the world, and we trust in Christ’s sufficiency, power, and mercy to both inform and sustain our efforts. Knowledge, empathy and awareness are the first steps in meaningful change, and we pray fervently for God to move mightily in and through our congregation and ministry. We commit to listening and to leading our church body in intentional action. We commit to continue building a church that reflects heaven and to continue building authentic communities that celebrate diversity and honor the very image of God in all people. 

In His grace, 
CtK Staff and Congregation Council

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