Message Notes for December 1, 2019

Christmas Series: Surprise Guests

Title: The Stump of Jesse


Isaiah 11:1-10 “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse and a branch

   from his roots shall bear fruit.”

Hope cannot be taken from you. Hope is Coming!

What looks like a curse may be a blessing

What does hope mean to you? What causes you to become hopeless?

Ways to regain hope this Christmas:

  • Hope in God’s Promise (Isaiah 11:1)
  • Hope in God’s Power (Isaiah 37:33-38) (Matthew 13:31-32)
  • Hope in God Provision (John 15:4-5)


Family/Group Study Notes for the Week of December 1, 2019

Christmas Series: Surprise Guests

Title: The Stump of Jesse


  • What are some Christmas traditions your family has?
  • How does your family decorate a Christmas tree?
  • Have you ever seen branches or shoots growing out of tree stumps?
  • Read Isaiah 11:1-10
    • Why did God give Israel this passage of hope during the invasion of Assyria?
    • Why would God use the illustration of a tree stump and a branch?
    • How is this hopeful for you?
  • Life throws us many great difficulties. What are some hopeless situations that life can throw at us? At what point do we begin to lose hope when bad things happen? 
  • When God doesn’t show up like we want Him to, we can grow impatient and want to take action ourselves. How do you act during troublesome times? Do you naturally serve as the peace maker, reconciler, encourager, prayer leader, jokester, meal provider…?
  • What keeps you hopeful in hard times?

Look at these 3 ways to regain hope. Which one do you want to improve on? Pair up and talk it over with someone in the group, then close by praying for each other.

  1. Hoping in God’s Promise (Isaiah 11:1)
  2. Hoping in God’s Power (Isaiah 37:33-38
  3. Hoping in God Provision (John 15:4-5)