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myPledge 2021

Annually in February, members and friends of CtK are urged to make a financial commitment to our church. A pledge is an indication to the church of how much you intend to contribute during the upcoming year. There are two main reasons to make a pledge to CtK Church.

1) Connecting people with Jesus and each other is our goal! If we don’t have a goal, we will fail to succeed in the great commission! It takes an intentional effort to accomplish this calling God has on our church. A financial pledge is planning an intentional support of our common mission at CtK. It is a step of faith trusting in God’s ongoing provision, His promises through our obedience to His will and the treasure we store up in heaven as we share the Gospel with others.

2) As a church, we are intentional to carry out ministry each and every day. CtK Church matters and people count on us to be here making a difference. People count on us to have dynamic worship services and messages, community groups and outreach ministries. People count on us to plant mission locally and in other lands. People count on us to teach, care, serve, counsel and make a difference in this world. Our intentional giving makes these ministries possible. Without our giving, this church doesn’t exist. We can’t count on someone else to give. We count on each other and God is counting on us – because He has given much.