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Prayer Requests

If you’re reading this, it means that you probably have something that you want prayer for. We believe in the power of prayer at Christ the King Church. It is our honor to be able to pray for you!


On your phone right now?

Monthly Prayer Guide May 2022

Prayer teams, thank you for being in prayer for the following events, people, and community teams. We will rotate the monthly prayer guide among various events, people, and community items throughout the year. Please feel free to pass these along to others to pray also. None of the emails for people are personal, they are all public emails. Feel free to send an email to an individual and let them know you are from Christ the King, and we are lifting them up in prayer. We will be praying for our Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Lake Wylie/Clover areas and their community leaders. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Bill. A new email list will be sent out the last week of each month.

May 1 Damaris Chajon, who is delivering the message today
May 5 National Day of Prayer
May 7 Southwest Middle School Principal, Merita Little
May 9 Julie Siselt, CLT Mayor Pro Tem,
May 11 Baptisms and New Members (during 5/15 service)
May 13 Suzi Keaton,, our financial secretary
May 17 Primary Election being held at CtK
May 19 All area High School proms, safety and fun
May 21 The CRUX Youth Auction
May 22 All of our graduates who we celebrate in worship today
May 24 Mack McCarter Clover School District
May 26 Preschool age children in our children’s ministries
May 29 Worship services today
May 30 Memorial Day as we mourn our military personnel who have died while serving

Monthly Themes – repeating weekly events
Saturday: Preacher for Sunday May 1 – Damaris Chajon, May 8, 15 and 22 Pastor Craig Bollinger, May 29 – Pastor Bill McKinley
Sunday’s: Worship services, Children’s Ministry, CRUX Youth Ministry
Wednesday: Food Pantry, YCI Christian Clubs as Schools (we sponsor Southwest M.S.) and our
Worship Team Preaching Series- God Sense! “When it doesn’t make sense to you, it makes sense to God.”